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Every time I submit an application that requires photos, the size requirements are different! And I do this just infrequently enough that I forget how to resize photos in Photoshop.

Perhaps you find this whole thing as frustrating as I do?

Last week, I was working on an application and thought, “There should really be an app that makes this easier!”

And guess what there is!

Here’s a web-based option:

Picresize Screenshot

Yes, it’s cluttered with lots of tacky ads, but it’s quick and super simple to use. You can specify exactly the pixel size you want, which was very helpful, since that’s what I needed. You can’t get very exact in terms of the dpi, which matters if the place you’re applying to has specified an exact dpi.

The site offers the qualities, “good, better, best.”

For the photo I tested, their “better” quality turned out to appear to be 72 dpi, but that may not be exact enough for your needs.

If you want to be more exact, or if you want to resize a whole folder of pictures at once, iResize is free and easy to use.

iResize Logo

iResize Logo

The application I was working on was for an artist in residency and they wanted 12 photos. I exported my 12 photos from Photos to a folder on the desktop, then dragged the folder into iResize, specified the size I wanted and boom! With the click of a button, it was done!

It gives you choices in how to name the newly sized images, so I could tell which ones were my sized photos and which ones were my originals.

It does the job and for free! I love it! If you give it a try or have something similar to recommend for PCs, please leave a comment, thanks!

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