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About Us: Elaine Luther

Elaine Luther...  photograph by Greg Schreck 2003
photograph by Greg Schreck
© 2003

Elaine has always had a specialty of finding things. She's the kind of person who people are always saying to, "Where on earth did you find that?" And, "Where can I get one?"

This habit of finding interesting and useful things continued into the PMC classroom, where Elaine has been teaching since 1997. Each semester, Elaine would bring in new and exciting things for students to try on PMC. She'd find things at the usual places, like the craft store, but also at the hardware store, the science surplus store, estate sales and thrift stores.

Students started asking if they could buy these things from Elaine. And there were other products that students just couldn't find. Like Super Parchment. And old typewriters for taking out the bits with the letters on them.

Elaine never realized these things were hard to find until people told her. And so she started this website to bring to you the hard to find in PMC tools. Then she took it one step beyond sharing great finds - to creating her own tools out of the best possible materials. Some of the tools on this site, most especially our Silicone Texture Plates™, are available exclusively from us.

Creative Texture Tools™.com is a part of Studio 925, the company Elaine founded in 1992.

Besides being a "finder," Elaine is also a metalsmith with training from colleges, the Jewelry Design Institute and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. She began metalsmithing in 1990. She continued her jewelry education with training from the Gemological Institute of America and the International Society of Appraisers. Elaine has completed two jewelry apprenticeships, including one on Jewelers Row in Chicago, Illinois.

Elaine began working with PMC in 1996, began teaching it in 1997, and became certified by the PMC Guild in 1999. Teaching PMC was an addition to Elaine's already busy schedule teaching metalsmthing, which she had taught since 1992. Now Elaine teaches for four art centers in the Chicago area and the Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. She also travels to conduct workshops and give speeches for guilds.

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