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Additional Jewelry-making and Clay Tools
Women's Welding Gloves
Women's Welding Gloves      Qty:      $9.95     

NEW! I'm thrilled to offer this fine product to you! Terrific for protecting your hands while working with your kiln.

Safety equipment needs to fit well in order to work properly. Since welding gloves in women's sizes are so hard to find, most women wear leather gloves that are way too big for them. With the fingers of the gloves passing up their own fingers by two or three inches!

These well made, gray leather gloves are insulated and just like the ones the big boys wear. If you've been struggling with gloves that don't fit right, you'll love the fit on these.
CAUTION: Do not wear gloves of any kind while using a polishing motor, buffing wheel or flexible shaft machine. Doing so is extremely dangerous.

Cork Clay
Cork Clay      Qty:      $7.50     

NEW! Cork Clay is another clever product from Japan. It's wonderful to work with, really soft and pliable. Use it as a combustible core for beads or other hollow forms where you need a core that will completely burn away.

Brilliant polishing cloth
Brilliant polishing cloth      Qty:      $2.00     

While fine silver isn't supposed to tarnish it does mellow a bit in color and loose some of its luster. Bring that shine back with a Brilliant polishing cloth.

Slim burnisher
Slim burnisher      Qty:      $5.00     

This is handy for removing the white appearance of PMC as looks when fresh from the kiln. Traditional jewelry burnishers are much wider. This slim burnisher is better at getting into tight spaces and recessed areas.

Eye dropper
Eye dropper      Qty:      $.70     

This eye dropper from Nalgene is for adding just the right amount of distilled water to your slip jar.

Kiln spatula
Kiln spatula      Qty:      $2.50     

A handy tool for moving items off of a kiln shelf and onto another fire proof surface to cool. One piece construction in stainless steel.

Sanding stick
Sanding stick      Qty:      $1.25     

Sanding with a sanding stick is more efficient and more effective than holding a scrap of sandpaper in your fingers. Comes with fine sand paper already attached.
Comes with detailed instructions on how to add more sandpaper: a real tip from the jeweler's bench. Gives you the flexibility of using any sandpaper you like, including locally available ones from your hardware store.

Sweeps shovel
Sweeps shovel      Qty:      $2.50     

In the jewelry industry, these are used to sweep up precious metal dust, or "sweeps," to send to the refiner. That makes this shovel perfect for collecting your PMC dust that's left over from sanding or carving. Then you can add the PMC dust to your slip jar.

Tweezers      Qty:      $2.50     

Precision tweezers, useful for beading or just picking up small objects, such as laboratory grown stones.
Sanding Tools
Sanding Tools      Qty:      $2.00 set of 1 pink, 1 black.     

These pink and black salon boards are terrific for finishing your pieces. The pink ones can be used to refine edges of "leather hard" or "bone dry" PMC. The black ones are quite coarse and can sometimes even take off very thin excess from fired PMC.

Coil roller
Coil roller      Qty:      $2.50 ea.     

You know when you roll out a coil of PMC, sometimes your fingers make the coil come out uneven? Instead, roll with this tool for smoother, more consistent coils. 6 inches.

Ring sizing material
Ring sizing material
set of 5 strips     Qty:      $3.50 /set 5     

Wrap this material around your ceramic ring form to increase the after firing size by one half size. Ceramic fiber material is 1/16" thick. It is not necessary to use ceramic tape when in addition to this product.
Sold in strips, 1/2" wide x 12" long.

Ceramic ring form not included - shown for illustration purposes only.

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