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Keum boo Supplies

by Elaine Luther

Want to try Keum Boo but don’t know where to start, or where to find everything? A number of metal clay suppliers carry a number of terrific items for Keum boo. Tevel at All Craft in New York City was and is the first and best. He is your most complete source for everything you need for Keum boo.

Here’s my list of what you need for Keum boo:

- Celie Fago’s book
- Agate burnisher
- Coil type electric hot plate
- Gold foil specifically for keum boo
- Brass sheet, 18 gauge, 6 inch x 6 inch

Here’s where to buy them:

- Celie Fago’s book
Available from her website, from All Craft, from Rio. You must get the book.

All Craft

- Agate burnisher
- Gold foil specifically for keum boo
Both available from Allcraftonline

- Brass sheet, 18 gauge, 6 inch x 6 inch
Available from assorted metalsmithing supply houses, you may have to pay extra for have it cut to 6 x 6.

- Coil type electric hot plate
Available from discount department stores such as Wal Mart and Kmart. They cost about $10.00 for a single burner one. Target tends to carry the double burner ones, which run about $30.00.

Some folks use their Ultralight Beehive kiln for keum boo. I don’t really get this. That much heat is not necessary. If you’re going to burn yourself, why not do it at 700 or 800 degrees instead of 1500? (Please don’t burn yourself.)

That’s it. Keum boo is super easy when you’ve got the right tools. Get Celie’s book, get what she says to get and you’ll be happy. Don’t try it without the agate burnisher.

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