I had been firing BronzClay with the two phase firing schedule and the larger stainless steel firing chamber from Rio Grande.

Since my kiln is older and can only handle one ramp speed and temperature at a time, this was slowly driving me crazy, since I would have to reprogram the kiln twice for every firing!

Judi Weers posted her favorite firing schedule on Metal Clay Gallery, and I’ve adopted it –

200 (or 250, depending on your kiln) ramp speed; or Speed 1.

temperature — 1516

hold time — 3.5 hours

So that was one change. The other change was I moved to a smaller firing chamber. I decided to do that based on the report from Hadar Jacobson’s blog, in which she talks about the importance of air flow around the firing chamber, and the placement of items within the chamber.

Notice how I have the stainless steel box up on extra blocks.

Finally, I think I’ve got a good, reliable, works every time firing schedule. I’ve even tested this one some large, thick pieces, and they’ve sintered beautifully.

I have been getting good results with this, consistently and repeatedly.

What about you? What’s your favorite firing schedule for BronzClay? or CopprClay? Post a comment, thanks!

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