Money bag

These three men have a lot to say about making a living in the jewelry biz, and helping you to make more money.

Bruce Baker

Thomas Mann

David Geller

Bruce Baker has made a second career of advising us on how to sell well and how to design a better booth. His terrific CDs are available from Rio and from his site. If you get a chance to take a workshop with him in person, do it. You can see his teaching schedule at his site.

Thomas Mann’s Design for Survival Workshop is now available in a home study version. You can buy it as a DVD, VHS, or audio cassettes. A pricing spreadsheet is also available.

David Geller is known for his price book, The Blue Book, which aims to teach jewelery store owners how to keep from underpricing their repair work, as so many of them do. If you’re not in that industry, don’t think David doesn’t have anything for you, check out his books section.

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