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On my various Squidoo Lenses, readers can click on the stars to rate the Lens. We don’t have that feature here on the blog!

Do you enjoy this blog? I hope that you find it helpful and informative. If you do, please help spread the word! Please help others find this blog. How? Here are some ways:

post this blog to del.icio.us

In order to post to del.icio.us you do have to download a tool bar. The good news is that once you’ve done that, it’s quick as a click to post a website or blog to del.icio.us. All you do is when you have the web page open that you want to share, just click “post to del.icio.us” on your new tool bar.

Email the link http://www.CreativeTextureTools.com/news to your friends. Tell people about it in your local guilds. If there’s a post you found particularly helpful, share that link with your friends or groups.

To share the url of a particular post, click on the title of that post, and the complete url will appear. If it’s a long one, remember you can always use tiny url.

Reprint content in your local guild newsletters. Some of the posts on this blog are available for reprinting in newsletters of local arts guilds. Just choose what you’d like to reprint and email to ask permission.

Other content is available without even asking! My Squidoo Lenses have some features that say “Grab This List!” Under them. If the “Grab This” button is there, it means you can use it without specifically asking permission. And Squidoo makes it easy to copy things over to new places. I even that that myself with my own Squidoo Lenses, such as lists or votes that I want to share here on the blog.

Another way to help spread the word is to post a comment. I always appreciate it when people take the time to post a comment. I get lots of wonderful comments and notes of appreciation off-list and on lists I’m on, which I certainly appreciate. It would also be great if some of you readers who love this blog posted comments like that here as well, for all the world to see! : )

Besides del.icio.us, there are lots of other websites dedicated to helping people sift through the vastness of the web. One is Technorati, for blogs. That’s another place you can tell people about All Things Metal Clay.

Everyone has their favorite places to post. Bunches of them are below every post, so you can just click to share.

Thanks so much for your help in spreading the word about the blog. I really appreciate it!

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