Do you know there’s a blog of missed photographs? Where photographers write about great shots that they missed. I recently committed to taking more pictures, carrying a camera with me more often and just taking the time to stop and take a picture when I see something.

My “missed photograph,” I saw it again, 10 years later! Thrilled, I pulled over, yanked my cell phone out of my pocket — oh, no camera, that was right after my cell phone was stolen and I was using an inexpensive replacement.

Another shot that I’d like to get is a train load of tractors, on a bridge, over the freeway, with the Chicago skyline behind it. I’ve seen it a few times, but the freeway isn’t a great place to take pictures. So when I saw this parked train, I pulled right over and took a picture with my cell phone. (Next step: get a small camera I can carry around all the time.)

What’s this have to do with making jewelry? Just nurturing creativity wherever I can.

My other next step is to actually buy prints and glue them down into a book of some kind. And then… just see what happens.

How about you? Do you use photography at all? How? What’s your missed photograph? Do you have another medium besides jewelry or photography that you use to cross-pollinate with your jewelry?

This little cell phone photo is (c) Elaine Luther 2009 All Rights Reserved.

P.S. I do realize this isn’t the best picture ever taken, but the image itself is cool. If I’d had a real camera, I could have done better. I even drove around to the other side of the tracks to try to get a better shot, but no luck.

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