Today’s guest blogger is Pam East of Pinzart.

Hi All, I just got back from a basic kiln maintenance seminar at the Paragon factory
in Texas. I learned so much! I also did more math than I had done in the
last 20 years. At some points my head was spinning. but I ultimately got it.
(Amps * Volts = Watts!) Much of what I learned doesn’t really matter for
the average SC owner though.

One thing I did find out about I thought would be very interesting for this
group. Paragon now has some video instruction available on their website.
Here is a link to one of the videos.

This one shows how to do a Ramp/Hold sequence. This would be very useful for people who bought their kilns from Rio Grande but want to fire Art Clay Silver. The Rio kilns are pre-programmed for PMC, and the firing sequences are, as you know, a little different for ACS. You can use one of the “user defined” ramp hold
sequences to set up your Rio SC kiln to fire Art Clay. Just follow the
instructions in the video guide.

The only thing they failed to define was the “ramp”. I know this may seem
totally obvious to some of you, but I’ve had students who have had trouble
with this concept so I want to spell it out. When they say the “ramp” or the
“rate” is 250 degrees, what they mean is the kiln is increasing in
temperature at a rate of 250 degrees PER HOUR. It’s an acceleration rate.

If I were setting up to fire ACS 650 clay only, I would set the ramp speed
to “FULL”, the temp to 1450, and the hold time to 00.05.

If I were doing cork clay with ACS 650 I would set the ramp speed to “1200″,
the temp to 1300, and the hold time to 00.15.

I know my firing temps are a few degrees above the factory recommended
requirements. My feeling is a few extra degrees doesn’t hurt anything and
ensures I don’t under fire anything.


Pam East

Arnold Howard of Paragon Industries has added even more videos here.

And he posted an interview with Pam at the same address that you can watch or download to your iPod.

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