Jewelry by Heather Weaver

This nice little site, Small and Simple Gifts is a good example of one way you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Heather Weaver sells jewelry, blankets and origami. A pretty strange combination, right? But she’s made that okay by organizing her products as “Small and Simple Gifts,” and, her site isn’t intimidating. I can go take a peak, because they’re small and simple, which I know means not expensive.

See, instead of having yet another “artist” site, she’s created a gift site, a really great way to stand out and position yourself in a different way.

Another great feature on her website is not just that she offers custom work, and encourages you to contact her, but that she also offers customization options right on the website, that I can choose by clicking, so if I’m up shopping in the middle of the night, I can still get my customized items.

How did I find Heather? I found her via her Squidoo Lens on pumpkin carving, of all things.

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