Blog of the Week: HappyDayArt!

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Jewelry by C. Witherell

Looking through the new PMC Annual, I saw two pieces I’d seen before, but where? Then I remembered, I saw them in progress on a blog.

HappyDayArt! is the cheerfully named blog of Catherine Witherell.

Her pieces featured both on the blog and in the PMC Annual are Jointed Bird Pendants, (p. 37) and Birdhouse (p. 70). It’s neat to have seen the process on her blog.

I have yet to share any of my creative process stuff here on the blog, partly because it doesn’t seem like it would be interesting to others, but seeing Catherine’s blog, I get it, it is cool to see what others are doing, see the challenges and ultimate success.

I guess it’s sort of like the being in a class, you get to see that with your fellow students, but you don’t see it when you’re isolated in your studio.

Congrats to Catherine for being included in the PMC Annual and for earning the Creative Snit Award for her blog!

How can you get a copy of the PMC Annual? Join the PMC Guild.

Image is (c) Catherine Witherell All Rights Reserved

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One Response to “Blog of the Week: HappyDayArt!”

  1. Catherine Witherell on 06 Nov 2007 at 3:00 pm

    I am very proud to be included on this site. Thanks so much for your mentioning me here.

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