Photo by Mike Bartley

by Elaine Luther

An interesting, relevant picture makes your post look so much more interesting. I’ve noticed this even with my own blog. With text only posts, my eyes just sort of go over them.

So where can you find pictures?

I’ll tell you where I get pictures. If I’m using a image of another artist’s work, I always get permission first.

I take a lot of my own pictures, either with my light tent and lights or just at my jeweler’s bench.

I also use free stock photography from the website The Stock Exchange.

And I’ve just learned how to better take advantage of Flickr and images where the owner/creator has already granted permission for me to post their image by using a Creative Commons indicator.

The Crafty Goat has a great post that explains why she uses CC for her photos on Flickr and how to use Flickr for your blog. Read it here.

Now I can’t very well post this post without a nice picture to go with it, right? I’ll pop over to Flicker, search by CC and see what I find!

Found one! Photo is by Mike Bartley and is protected under an Attribution license under Creative Commons.

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