Supplies for beginning working with Metal Clay

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Silicone Texture Plates

This list is also available as a pdf on under Resources. A member at Metal Clay Gallery included this list in her list of resources for those beginning with metal clay, so I thought I would share it here as well.


- work surface
- roller
- Saran Wrap
- Glad Press ‘n Seal
- Playing cards or other method for rolling out a specific thickness
- Slip jar
- Squeeze bottle for olive oil
- paintbrush

Ring Making:

- pre-made ring forms (such as Hattie’s Patties)
- or a mold for making your own

Finishing tools:

- eye shadow brush
- acrylic nail boards (black and pink)
- 3M polishing pads
- 3M polishing papers
- little white square polishing pads from Rio
- tumbler and stainless steel shot (from Rio, or cheaper, lower quality one from
Habour Freight)

Firing tools:

- Kiln
- Kiln shelves
- Kiln stilts
- leather gloves
- Tongs
- Mini flower pots and saucers
- Vermiculite
- Or other firing method: Hot Pot, Ultra Light Bee Hive Kiln, Speed Fire Cone

For applying Liver of Sulphur:

- Liver of Sulphur, lump form
- Heat source to heat jewelry
- Paintbrush
- Recipe for iridescent patina is at Ganoksin.

by Elaine Luther

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