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I’ve been talking here on the blog and on Orchid about where I should sell my jewelry online.

Marya Williams wrote to me:

I saw on the Orchid forum you are thinking about Etsy.com or RubyLane.com. I would highly recommend Etsy. Ruby lane costs more and I feel like I got less for the money. I had a shop at both places.

They are: maryajewelry.etsy.com and at Ruby Lane you’d have to do a shop search for maryajewelry. As you can see it’s easier to tell people how to get to the Etsy site, you have your own .com address.

I think with both sites you have to get people to your site, it might take some effort on your part. But even with doing nothing more people come to the Etsy site, I get a lot of positive feedback from Etsy users.

I think my jewelry is a little expensive for both sites, I have had only two sales at Etsy but none at Ruby Lane.

Etsy so cheap it’s OK if I don’t have many sales. I like the way the Etsy site looks much better than the ruby lane site. The Etsy site is so much easier for both buyer and seller to use.

Hope I’m not too late,


Visit Marya’s website at MaryaWilliams.com or her Etsy shop.

Thanks for the advice!

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