I was talking with another jeweler at an event when they pulled out their cell phone, with a nice big screen, to show me some pictures of recent work.

That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to have a digital portfolio to carry around?

The downside to cell phones and Palm Pilots is that you have to nativigate them for the person you’re showing the pictures to. Digital picture frames are usually simpler to navigate, can be set to slide show, or have remote controls.

How nice to be able to hand some one your digital portfolio, just as you would an old fashioned paper one, and let them look at it at their own speed.

My tech friends recommend the Phillips, shown here.

I’ve also considered the keychain size digital frames, but the quality is not quite there yet in these small sizes.

Interstingly, a number of other people have had this idea at the same time I did! There’s now a thread on it on Orchid, you can pick it up here. And here’s a post on the Art Bead Scene blog.

The Orchid posters are talking about having one up in your booth at a show — more of an indoor wholesale show thing.

Sure, you could carry around a small photo albums with pictures on paper, but this is more fun!

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