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by Elaine Luther

I’m having so much fun with my new blog, but I can’t show it to you! It’s a family cookbook blog, just for family members, far and wide to post and share recipes. (Did you know you could create a private blog?)

Here’s what’s surprised me about the little project:

- It was really, really easy to set up the blog. I used because, well, I already know how to use WordPress. (I use WordPress for this blog too, though this one is self-hosted.)

- It was pretty easy to add family members as fellow editors.

- It has started a conversation, a back and forth about recipes. It’s so easy to post a comment. It’s just what they say about what blogs should be: a two way conversation.

- Conversations have come up that wouldn’t have come up if we were trying this recipe collecting process the old fashioned way (you know, photocopying and putting them in a binder, or in folders), or even emailing.

For example, I posted a recipe and said this was this family member’s recipe for this. Then they posted a comment, nope, that’s not my recipe!

I don’t think I ever would have found out otherwise.

It’s not crucial of course, it’s just soup, but as a blogger who writes, reads blogs daily, reads blogs about blogging and networks with other bloggers (!) I’m finding this mini, personal blogging experience interesting.

Tamra wrote on her blog that she was using it as an online, personal journal, that she really got a kick out of seeing the entries published. (Read her whole post here.)

I gotta say, I get that now. It’s so fun and rewarding to type up a recipe, and instead of having another page in a Word document, I have a fancy post! And it’s something I can share with family, access away from home, and it gives me an electronic back up copy for when I misplace my tattered photocopy.

What’s all this got to do with jewelry and you?

Well, if you’re thinking about blogging as a promotional tool for your handcrafted jewelry business, but just aren’t sure if it’s for you — go ahead and start a blog and just set it to private. You can mark it so that search engines won’t find your blog, or you can mark it so that search engines won’t find it, and only your invited users can access the blog.

It’s so easy — I’m amazed at how easy it was to set up this recipe blog. I’m also amazed that this blog, All Things Metal Clay is over 300 posts in under a year.

So try it! If it works out, you can always “go public” with your blog!

Have fun!

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One Response to “Blogging Fun”

  1. Angela on 16 Feb 2008 at 10:24 am

    I enjoyed reading this, Elaine. My husband & I keep a recipe blog, too. It’s very useful, especially when family members ask for a recipe. We just send them the link!

    And I like your suggestion for setting a new blog to private while you decide whether you want to pursue it. Granted, it might be harder to get a feel for the community participation aspect — but at least you don’t have to worry about making beginner’s mistakes in public!

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