Want to get blogged about? Don’t know how? Don’t know just what it is that bloggers want?

Pictures! Bloggers want fast, easy, permission granted access to images to go with the post. How can you give them that? Respond quickly to requests to reprint an image on a blog, or, pre-grant permission by using the Creative Commons designations to indicate under what circumstances you’ll allow images to be used.

Press Releases are also great, if you have them. If not, write a short and clear letter/email that tells the who, what, where, why, when.

Ideas are welcome. One should approach a blogger as one would a magazine, basically, politely, with complete information and with a suggestion, but not assuming or pressuring that the information will be used.

Of course, there are lots of different kinds of bloggers, just as there are lots of different kinds of magazines. You’ll need to read the blogs you’re submitting to and make sure the post/information/pictures you’re submitting are relevant to that blog’s readers. Does your idea fit in with what they usually publish? Is it a personal type blog and they don’t publish other’s work? Make sure it’s a good fit.

And as always, follow the instructions for submissions. Some of the larger blogs, such as CRAFT, have submission forms. (I keep submitting posts from this blog, haven’t been picked up yet.) : )

Comments! Bloggers want comments. Comments let the blogger know that you’re reading, that you’re out there! Feedback is appreciated. Like it? Don’t like it? Join the conversation. Plus, being part of the conversation at your favorite blog gets you noticed, which could lead to something. Networking, it’s a good thing.

Have you ever submitted a press release to a blogger? Do you think you might? Are blogs relevant in publicizing jewelry by artists? What do you think? Post a comment, or blog it and I’ll post the link.


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