Tips for Success with Liquid Photopolymer

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I did a demo last night of the JustRite Home Stamping Kit for an area guild — I also talked a little bit about using sheet photopolymer and had samples of those and talked about the differences.

Thought I’d share some tips for success with the JustRite Home Stamping Kit.

1. Follow the directions exactly and don’t adjust the times at all for the exposure stages.

2. In the washout stage, make sure you use dishsoap, and type matters. The “natural” stuff doesn’t work, sadly. Dawn Ultra has worked the best for me. Do rotate the plate and scrub from all directions, while supporting the piece on something (like the sink) or firmly with your hand.

3. It is incredibly important that when you cut off the top layer of plastic of the liquid photopolymer packet, that you only cut through that top layer. Cutting through the back causes problems. Use a delicate touch.

4. For the de-tacking stage of leaving it in the water with the salts, extra time is nice, I’d suggest leaving it in for 30 minutes, or until the color lightens. The directions say it can stay in as long as an hour.

Two more thoughts:

If you’ve worked with sheet photopolymer, this process takes a different, lighter touch.

and, consistent water temperature really matters. Make sure that water is warm and doesn’t cool off.

That’s it! Hope that helps!

Questions? Want more? Here’s a link to a video: Click Here.

If that doesn’t work for some reason, go to Craft TV Weekly
and search on “Stamp Your Art Out.”

If you want to see the JustRite Home Stamping Kit, the main site is having a hiccup right now. While I solve that, you can still see the kit in my etsy shop:

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