Make your own photopolmyer texture plates/rubber stamps!

Home Stamping Kit

by Elaine Luther

I am truly, truly excited to bring you this new product. You may have already seen it, available only in England. It’s now in America and I’m thrilled to offer it.

Other methods of making Photopolymer Texture Plates are, let’s be honest, messy, iffy as to results and you need the special UV light. Sure, it can be done, but there’s a learning curve and some of us just want to make jewelry!

This kit, the Just Rite Home Stamping Kit, solves all those problems. It uses liquid photopolymer, but no mixing, no measuring! It’s all in a little plastic pouch, all ready to go. And you just use a regular 60 watt bulb!

Everything you need is in this kit (okay, plus you’ll need a computer and a lamp!) It truly, truly is easy, easy, easy and everything is in there. If you’ve wanted to do your own designs, make your own texture plates, now you can, easily, with no mess.

Over 700 images are included in the kit, on high quality negatives, and you can print your own. And you can even make texture plates/stamps from photos! Yes, normally you can’t make a photopolymer plate straight from a photograph, but the CD that comes with the kit will do what’s needed to transform your photograph so you can make a texture plate/rubber stamp from a photograph!

Check it out at CreativeTextureTools.

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