Review: The Jeweler’s Art

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The Jeweler’s Art by Katherine Macfarlane

While I don’t care for books that call me a dummy or an idiot, I will read a kid’s book. In fact, I’ve found that sometimes a kid’s book gives a nice summary and can be a quick read on a given subject.

If you’re interested in the history of jewelry, this is a cool little book. While there are many books on the jewelry of a specific country, time period, designer or company, there aren’t many that try to give you the overview of the history of jewelry all in one place.

If you’re a jeweler, you probably have some knowledge of the history of jewelry, but unless you’ve really made a study of it, there are probably gaps.

This little book will help you fill in those gaps and understand the history of jewelry making chronologically. As a bonus, there are some good vocabulary words in there too.

This book is like 30,000 Years of Art, though on a smaller scale.

Read The Jeweler’s Art as a starting point for further exploration, or as an overview.

Pick up at amazon, or check the kid’s section of your local library.

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