This is an amazing book. It’s relatively new (2006) and is one of those wonderful Lark Books with oodles of color pictures.

The book is divided up into sections, including some step-by-steps and the largest section, “Techniques with unconventional materials.”

You could buy lots of different books to get all the information that’s covered here. And you may not have thought of some of these — looking through the book you may go, ah ha, that’s what I want to try!

The author brings together a wealth of non-jewelry techniques that can be used with jewelry including: egptian pastes, paper, ceramic objects, wood, glass beads, epoxy resisn, plastic resins, molds. Plus electroforming, which is not a subject on which information abounds.

The author is in Spain and brings a European approach to the whole book, and the artists featured are mostly European.

Naturally, I am less than impressed with the section on PMC, but I’ll overlook that because it’s still a great book. I like the book’s can-do attitude. You’ve never worked with wood? Here’s how to make a two color wood bracelet. For multiple categories, the information is enough to get started, or at least a helpful overview, giving you enough to understand the process and materials, which will help you get more information, or know what things are called when you try to order them.

Any one of these chapters is worth the price of the book, and there are many of them. If you are interested in working with alternative materials, this is definitely a book to own.

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