Aubin Co. Rotary Tumbler

One of the art centers where I’ve taught has one of these tumblers — it’s on a stand and the octagonal barrel rotates. It’s old and has few markings on it; I could never figure out where to buy one.

Thanks to a recent post on a list, I finally know who makes it and where to buy!

It’s made by the A.E. Aubin Co., see their website here.

What’s the advantage?

It’s a tabletop tumbler that takes up a relatively small amount of space, has a simple lid that just screws on and off, the barrel can’t roll off, the way it can with some other brands, and it may even be quieter, though it’s been a while since I’ve heard one, so I’m not sure about that.

Even though I love my Thumbler’s Tumbler, and have no complaints about it, I wouldn’t mind having one of these too for my very small studio.

These are sold by A.E. Aubin Co. and by eBay sellers.

I’ve never seen them in a jewelry supply house catalog. Have you? If so, please post a comment and let everyone know. Thanks!

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