Some musings on studios and my impending studio move…

Here’s Katie Hacker’s before and after:

I’m always amazed at the bravery people have, in exposing their cluttered studios to the world! Terribly nice of them though, since the afters can be so inspiring.

The puzzle there, in the picture, is a metaphor for my house. You know those slide puzzles (that’s what they’re called, I never knew that, but found out through my search for a picture of one), where you have to move a bunch of squares around to get to the square you want, and then move a bunch more to get the square where you want it? Well, that’s my house.

At long last, my tiny 60-ish square foot office/studio will become just an office. My studio is so small that when I sit down at my bench, if I roll my wheeled stool back, I hit a steel shelf. That’s okay though, it’s like a backrest. : )

But have you seen the benches on Orchid’s bench exchange? Some of them are so small, or inside of a closet, it makes one appreciate what one has.

Even so, with the kiln and tumbler in the kitchen, assorted tools in the basement, it will be nice to have all my tools in one place for the first time in…ever.

So, lots of houses in the Chicago area have a second or summer kitchen. Enough squares in the slide puzzle have been moved around that at long last, our summer kitchen will be no more (stove and dishwasher, already gone!).

On the upside, I get a studio with a fridge and sink. A sink! can you imagine? I’ll take some “during” (already started moving, and “after” pictures for you and post them.

I rather hate the paint color, it’s a strange shade of green, but may leave it just so I can move in sooner.

The move has me thinking about studios I’ve had over the years. I once had a studio space in a group studio, that was something. Bad timing though, I had a full time job at the time and couldn’t spend enough time there.

One of my favorite studios was my first studio in my parent’s basement, I think because there was no pressure to produce anything, or sell anything. It was cold though. I’ve had a number of unheated studios, including my current one, which is only kind of heated.

How about you? What’s your greatest challenge in keeping your studio organized? What was your favorite studio ever?

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