Creativity is not the problem for me, making the time to make the work is the challenge. So I guess the best thing I can do to be creative is make sure my bench is clean and I can sit down and work any time. And then schedule more time!

The other thing I do is keep a sketchbook and scribble my illegible drawings in them, and then write lengthy text to explain what the picture is. Really, I’m not kidding. There’s a reason I work in 3-D.

I have noticed that some of my best, most interesting work, has been in response to “assignments,” from outside, such as entering gallery shows, contests or book call for entries.

Sometimes I’ve even missed the deadline for the actual show, but made the piece anyway, and come out with something really cool. That’s how I made the Anti-War Medal Piece and the “secret identity,” piece you may have seen in the article on Inspiration in Studio PMC.

Check out all the responses to this question, from these metalworkers in the new, expanded Blog Carnival. We’ve got blacksmiths, metalsmiths who work in silver and metal clay artisans!

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