Ferris Wheel

Out of all the pieces you’ve created, which one means the most to you and why?

I ruminated over this question for a while, and the piece that kept coming up was the medal, “The Society of Mothers…” which you may have seen in Studio PMC a few years ago.

That medal is about the death of my daughter, Sophia. The ribbon on the medal is torn, as in the Jewish tradition of the mourning pin.

The piece was probably my first narrative piece, and the first to evoke a strong emotional response in people. Some people really like it, others, I don’t know, they’re too polite to say, but I imagine some people really don’t like it. I wrote more about in in the Studio PMC article at the time, about my inspiration, I’m going to go find that copy so I can quote myself. (See back issues of Studio PMC here: http://www.pmcguild.com/print/printindex.html if you’re a member.)

In addition to jewelry, my El Dia de los Muertos shrines and alters have been quite meaningful to me personally. So far I’ve made three large scale ones and one “pocket shrine,” in metal clay (PMC).

I wrote about the shrine for my brother, Joe, in this post.

Here’s a picture of it:

Images are (c) 2006 Elaine D. Luther All Rights Reserved

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If you’re in the Indianapolis area, be sure to check out this year’s Day of the Dead events, complete details here: http://www.dayofthedeadindy.org.

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