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Catch the Wave III by Bev Gallerani.

I saw this cool piece at the Bronze Clay Flickr pool.

Bev’s website, mango-tango-designs.com, is easy to navigate, well organized, and most importantly, easy to shop!

I like the way she has a theme — most designs are on a ocean theme, which she reinforces with the blue background, and the piece of jewelry in the upper right corner that says, “by the sea.” How cool, using the jewelry itself to communicate both that this is a jewelry site and the theme!

And I love that she’s got the choices “New” and “All” as ways to view her jewelry. Very few artisan jewelry sites have multiple navigation methods.

Everything is set up to make it easy to find what I want and then to buy it!

She also makes good use of Etsy, see her Etsy site here: mangotango.etsy.com.

There are so very many artisan jewelry sites out there, it’s hard to stand out. I think having a niche like this is a great way to go.

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