In the comments on my recent post, How Blogging Has Changed my Life, Part II, Anne wrote,

Hi–don’t forget the benefits for your readers. Between your blog and forum participation, my learning curve has been (a bit ) less bumpy. Anne Bellissimo

(Sound of hand smacking forehead.) Doh!

I was so caught up in the being-more-open-and-sharing-than-usual part, I forgot the most important part of the whole thing! The readers! You guys are why I’m here! Without the readers, it’s just a journal that happens to be online.

So a big “I’m sorry,” and “Thanks for being here!”

And Anne brings up a good point — the benefits of blog reading. Since any blog has posts that appear daily, or at least regularly, when you read a blog, you learn a little each day, or each week.

That means you can choose some topics, choose some blogs, and easily learn, almost effortlessly.

I’m learning about blogging, reading the metablogs every day; and learning about business, marketing, and what everyone else is making this week in jewelry and metal clay.

It’s easy to forget to read your favorite blogs, so in addition to bookmarks, if you want to remember to read your favorite blogs every day, sign up for a “reader,” such as Google Reader and sign up for the RSS feed for your favorite blogs.

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