Bench Shot

I’m not sure I have any. Certainly not anything like the ones mentioned in this post at Lateral Action about the creative rituals of famous people.

These blog carnival topics, where a group of us all write on the same topic, often make me stretch and think about something I’ve never really put into words.

I didn’t think I had any creative rituals. Habits maybe. But the more I think about it, the more I realize, okay, maybe I do.

The main thing I do is try to maximize my time at the bench by planning out some work. This means time spend with my sketchbook, and thinking about a project.

The one ritual I would like to bring in a little more, is cleaning the bench completely when I stop, so that I can get started more easily when I sit down to work.

But then again, maybe cleaning before I get to work is my ritual.

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How about you? Post yours in the comments, thanks!