I’m an avid second hand shopper: estate sales, garage sales, rummage sales. It’s the thrill of the hunt. So it’s no surprise that I find tools on my hunts. The tool pictured above is a new version of the original one I bought at an estate sale of a dentist years and years ago.

I used it for wax work and then when I started working with PMC, I used this carving tool for my PMC work.

How do I use it? For cutting things out, of course. Also for applying slip. Possibly the most unusual way I use it is to refine edges on completely dry clay, particularly inside edges that can’t be reached with larger sanding tools.

So I took the tool to the classes I taught (I started teaching PMC in ’97), and everyone loved this tool. They asked where to buy one and I didn’t know. I searched and searched for a source so that I could buy more for my students to use.

This little tool is also one of the products that launched my e-commerce business, www.CreativeTextureTools.com, since my students couldn’t find one either.

What’s your favorite hand tool? for metal clay or metalsmithing? Post a comment and let us know, email me a picture if you’d like it posted. Thanks!

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