I’ve often suggested that jewelry artists use blogging as a way to drive traffic to their websites or etsy shops.

Recently, a participant on an email list, in a conversation about blogging, asked the group,

“What would I say?”

If you’ve wondered that yourself, Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People by Diane Gilleland has your answer to that, and much more.

I wish I’d had this ebook when I started blogging two years ago! It really would have shortened my learning curve.

This guide is like having a good friend, an experienced blogger, right by your side, explaining the basics of how to decide what to write about, how frequently to post, and the photography skills you’ll need to master.

It’s not overly technical, if focuses much more on thinking out process, and includes very helpful question and answer spots in the book, as well as the bonus worksheets. If you answer the questions and do the worksheets, you will have a huge headstart in blogging.

Once you’ve absorbed the lessons of the book, and you’re ready to get started, the online bonus section contains many helpful links.

I don’t agree with everything she says, but bloggers are an opinionated bunch, so that’s to be expected. For example, she writes that it’s okay to start out on a free blogging platform, while I feel strongly that you should start out on your own domain name, using self-hosted WordPress.

Despite that, the book is well thought out, clear and helpful to the aspiring or new blogger. Or even the not so new blogger, I’ve been at this for two years, and I found it helpful.

To see the table of contents and order the book, which is only $12.50, visit Diane’s website:

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