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I love ‘em. How else to get anything done? If it weren’t for deadlines, I probably wouldn’t have posted today, but I have to, because I’ve got a deadline for today’s carnival!

I love deadlines so much, I give them to myself. If I want to submit a piece to a magazine, I give myself a deadline in basecamp to submit it. I set up pre-deadlines to make the piece, photograph it.

In addition to my own deadlines, I also use show deadlines to get myself to make a new piece. I put those in basecamp too. (I have a whole post on how I use basecamp, here.)

Working alone in one’s studio, one has to create a way of working, a way to get pieces made. For me, deadlines are a help. My new thing is to try to create the pre-deadlines so that I’m not working up to the last minute. (you know, like I am right now.)

How about you? Weigh in in the comments.

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