Ferris Wheel

This month we ask ourselves,

“how are you coping with high precious metals prices?”

This year, I’ve done more work in BronzClay and also some pieces involving silver foil leafing. (those are pretty cool, can’t wait to show you those.)

I’ve been using my BronzClay key chain daily for months now, and it’s holding up really well.

I’ve even taught BronzClay to kids, and they’ve done great work with it. What I’m getting out of working with the bronze, besides saving money, is working larger, more freely, and in a more sculptural way.

Here’s what the rest of the Blog Carnival folks are doing to cope with high metals prices:

Vickie Hallmark:


Tamra Gentry:


Marco Fleseri:


Andes Cruz:


Tonya Davidson:


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