The feeling of being drained and doing too much seems to be going around, among my friends in real life as well as my cyber-friends in the metal clay world.

I was going to joke that I think this is a good book, but I didn’t have time to read it. I got this book from the library and what I managed to read before I turned it in, was good stuff.

She advocates things like getting a weekly massage. “Yeah, right,” I thought.

The cool thing about this book is that it is so extreme, that by the time you ramp it down 7 notches, it’ll be do-able, and you’ll still be doing more than you are now.

I’ve had a rough week, including a visit to the hospital with one of my kids, so as I relax this weekend, bake myself a pan of (wheat-free!) brownies, I decided “I think I’m ready for this book.” I just ordered a copy.

I’m posting this here because, well, there isn’t room in our lives for creativity if we’re drained. Yes, this is a book for women, but then, the majority of metal clay artists are women, so that seems reasonable for this blog.

Tomorrow, back to the metal clay. (Need a fix now? Good stuff in the Bronze Clay Flickr Pool, or check out some of the blogs listed on my Resources Page.)

How about you? How do you take care of yourself?

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