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10. Because the studio will never be clean anyway!

9. Because even if I only have half and hour, it’s better than nothing, and it will make it easier to start next time.

8. Because I was inspired by what I read in the book Art & Fear.

7. Because of this post at 37 Days.  (it’s about writing, but just think “make art” wherever she says “write.”)

6. Because maybe what Flylady says about housework, that “housekeeping, improperly done, still blesses your family,” is also true of art. Maybe even if what I do today isn’t perfect, it will still be worth something. Let’s see where it leads me.

5. Who cares if it’s nice outside, I have something to say, and I’m going to say it in jewelry!

Your Turn!

4. Your
3. Go
1. Here!

                                             I gotta run, I’ve got some jewelry to make…

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