How BronzClay is different from PMC and Art Clay

  • BronzClay does not like olive oil.  It really really does not like it.  Solution: use a barrier cream instead.
  • BronzClay has to be fired in a stainless steel container, buried in black carbon.
  • It needs a lot more slip and water in order to connect parts than you are probably used to.  Slip may oxidize, so you can’t make a lot to keep, just make it as you use it.
  • It shrinks more than you’re used to, get used to working large!
  • It’s cheaper!  And encourages you to make lots of stuff fast — who cares, it’s so cheap, it’s almost free!  This can be freeing and lots of fun.
  • It’s trickier to work with and fire than the silver metal clays.  It’s worth the trouble, but it is almost like starting over.

Update: I’ve been asked what I mean about the olive oil. In my experience, olive oil has been making the BronzClay too gooey, and I have one batch where some pieces came out of the kiln bubbly. I think this may be due to olive oil.

For me, using a barrier cream is doing a better job of keeping the BronzClay off my fingers and tools, while keeping the the BronzClay a nice consistency.

What’s your experience? I’d love to hear about it, comments are always open, thanks!

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7 comments on “How BronzClay is different from PMC and Art Clay

  1. Gail Lannum on said:

    Interesting about the olive oil. I use it to make the slip and haven’t had a problem. It lasts for a long time without oxidizing.

  2. Margaret Schindel on said:

    Hi, Elaine! Nice list of differences between BronzClay and the clays made from precious metals.

    Like Gail, I was interested to hear about the olive oil. I used it during my BronzClay class with Celie and didn’t have a problem. What problems have you encountered when using olive oil with BC?

    Also, if you add a drop or two of lavender oil into your water spritz bottle and use that lavender water to make your BronzClay paste, it will minimize the oxidation problems.



  3. Celie Fago on said:

    I was surprised to read your comment about BronzClay and olive oil. I’ve been using olive oil with BC for over a year with no ill effect. In fact not only does it not do anything bad but I find it improves the consistency of the clay enormously: I find it a bit sticky straight out of the package so I ‘condition’ it by kneading it in my hands while adding olive oil.

    • Yep, a number of people have not had my experience. I still find that for me, the barrier cream works very nicely with BronzClay. But I’m always happy to have additional views shared on the blog, thanks!

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  6. Cristyl on said:

    Could BronzClay be fired in an UltraLite Beehive Kiln like PMC and ACS?


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