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The Jool Tool in action.

The most compact polishing motor ever has got to be the JoolTool, demo’d in the vendor room by Rio Grande.

You hold the work under the abrasive or polishing wheel. Could take some getting used to if you’re used to the traditional type of polishing motor.

The primary advantages seem to be the incredibly small footprint and that you can hook it up to a shop vac. (Just get those ear plugs first…)

Check it out at the company’s website: http://www.jooltool.com Available from Rio Grande.

Next up is the Integrated Findings and Bails Template from Cool Tools and highlighted by Holly Gage in her presentation on Innovation. Simple and clever! Here’s the video:

And one more time saving gadget for you, the Rivet Piercing and Setting Tool from Metal Clay Findings. Now, I come from a metalsmithing background, so when I first saw this, I said, I don’t need that. I can drill and saw the old fashioned way. I have a tube/wire cutting jig, why would I need another tool.

Well, having seen the tool in the Vendor Room and in the Demos, I can see that it sure would save a lot of time. I’m all about maximizing how much jewelry I can make in the time I have available, and if this can help, well, then I’m all for it.

They sell pre-cut rivets, so you’ll save time there as well. And word in the Demo room was that they’re coming out with interchangable dies, so that you can use multiple sizes of holes and rivets with the purchase of just one of the tools. Did I mention it can even punch through steel?

There you have it, three time and or space saving tools seen at the PMC Conference. What did you see at the conference that you can’t wait to try?

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