Resin clay is a relatively new product, available only by mail order, that you may have heard of. It’s on my list to try. When my resin clay arrives in the mail, I’ll use Resin Clay, by Sherri Haab with Rachel and Michelle Haab, as my guide.

You likely know prolific author Sherri Haab, author of The Art of Metal Clay. Her books are always reliable and easy to follow. While some publishers prefer to leave out brand names, I appreciate Potter Craft’s including brand information. The first chapter covers the major brands, their characteristics, differences and advantages.

Another project chapter includes various faux projects, along the lines of things you could do in oven bake polymer clay. Other chapters include Resin Clay Essentials, Creating Bezel, Mixing Resin Clay with other Mediums, and Molding and Sculpting Techniques.

One of my favorite projects is the resin-inlay in Faux Bone pendant by Robert Dancik. It’s a good and creative use of both products.

There are a wide variety of projects, and while not all of them appeal to me, the how to instructions are still helpful and I can apply it to my own project.

Who this book is good for: anyone who wants to try resin clay and save time and money by following a guide and not having to experiment on their own.

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