I get a lot of rejection letters — emails really — since I apply for a lot of things, some of them long shots. I’d already gotten the rejection email on this one — to paint a mural — so definitely a long shot for me. So I was surprised to get a letter in the mail saying the same thing.

But look at that nice handwritten note of encouragement, how thoughtful, to encourage the artist. Even if they wrote that on everyone’s letter, I still appreciate it.

The other useful thing about rejection notices (my favorite are the computer generated ones from one of the big websites that says “Status: Not Invited,” somehow that stings more) is that sometimes they give you information about how many people applied. This is very useful for next time around. Were there hundreds or thousands of applications? Or just 59, as in one recent show I applied to.

Good to know for next time, as I keep plugging away!

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