I’m in the odd position of promoting the use of social media to artists, while also having made the choice that Facebook was no longer right for me.

I quit Facebook over a year ago, something I’ve mentioned in articles and posts about how I now have a lot more time to apply for shows.

Recently, someone gave me a hard time for being “so hard to keep up with,” since I’m not on Facebook. So I was pleased to see Patty Digh’s post on 37 Days where she says that she too is leaving Facebook.

You can read her post here: http://www.37days.com/2012/12/thinking-thursday-31.html

And the article she links to is here: http://99u.com/articles/6960/Lab-Rat-How-Can-A-Social-Media-Addict-Find-Focus

And, while we’re on the subject, many artists are pleased to find out about Freedom, a website you can use to block your own self from using specific websites, or the web in general, for a period of time that you set. Check it out here: http://macfreedom.com

Photo credit: copyright http://www.siteroom.co.uk

I’m having a laugh at myself there with the photo of the rotary phones, “so out of date that I won’t use Facebook.”

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