The prolific and generous Charles Lewton-Brain has added more free articles and low cost downloads to his site and to his Lulu.com page.

You can find them at his site, Brain Press, and Lulu.com.

You can read Charles’s keynote speech at the Metal Clay World Conference at Art Clay World.

Also on Lulu, you can buy “The Allure of Silver, A Step by Step Guide to Metal Clay Basics,” by Christine Grimm. I haven’t seen it myself, I’m just letting you know what’s out there. It’s $14.00.

Eni Oken’s site has a number of tutorials you can buy on one specific technique. If you want to know one exact thing and you want it now, you’re in luck. Most sell for $5.00, though some are more.

There are free how-to videos at Argentice and Cool Tools. You can also find them at PMC Guild.

And, as mentioned in a previous post, you can also find videos at HGTV, DIY network and YouTube.

Louise Coulson has written “Website ShowCase, An Artisan’s Guide to Website Development, Maintenance and Marketing,” an ebook that sells for $24.95, with two free ebooks thrown in.

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