Not my marriage, this other blogger, Claire, here:

Tonight I gave a talk called: Begin at the End: Goal Setting for Artists at an artists support group and one of the questions that came up during the discussion time was, “How to you find the time to make your art?”

Blogger Claire has a terrific post up about how she finds the time. How about you? How do you make time?

P.S. We also talked about blogging, here’s a good post on why you should blog:

P.P.S. Books I love that are about this kind of topic — making time for making art are here, linked to the review, if I’ve reviewed it:

Making Room for Making Art
Do the Work
Art and Fear

P.P.S.S. Here’s a post on squeezing art making time into my daily life, with my photos taken through the windshield:

and more recent photos:

Here’s a post with my crazy idea for a “residency at home:”

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