I once had a counseling session at SCORE (the Service Corps of Retired Executives) and I was out of cards at the time, at a bit of a crossroads. Margie, my counselor, admonished me, “Elaine, you don’t go to the bathroom without your business cards.”

I think of that every time I’m at a conference or networking event and a fellow artist says, “oh, I don’t have cards, I can write my info. down for you.” Arg! Don’t be that person.

In the spirit of making sure none of us make mistakes like that, here’s a round up of some of my own posts on biz topics that you may have missed.

Are you making these three mistakes on your business cards?

Why YOU need a blog, and what’s with all this social media stuff?

Super interested in blogging? Check out the Blogging category:

Check out The 36 Rules of Social Media, from Fast Company:

Blogging books recommended here, Three books I recommended at a recent conference:

A favorite post of mine, on thinking big: What artists can learn from Phineas & Ferb

What about you? What’s your favorite biz tip? I always love to hear from my readers, the comments are always open! What would you like to read more about?

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