As I work on my new production line, I want to be as smart and efficient about it as possible.  Part of that is achieved in the design phase, and part of it is in the tooling.

Two companies make riveting tools.  Not that riveting is hard to do the old fashioned way, with a hammer, but if I can make something go faster, why not?

The tool basically cuts a hole through thin metal, so you don’t have to drill, and then you use a purchased rivet and the other side of the riveting tool to attach the rivet.  The purchased rivet will cost more than it would to saw pieces of tubing yourself, but hopefully the time savings balances that out.

Here’s a pdf from Metal Clay Findings, on using their tool, here.  And a video.

Beadsmith makes a similar riveting tool, called the EZ Rivet.  The main difference, as far as I can tell, is that the Metal Clay Findings tool comes in two sizes (of rivets) and also offers a long reach version, while the Beadsmith one comes in only one size (of rivet).

Here’s a video on using the Beadsmith tool.

Have you used these tools?  Do you have a review?

What about production techniques and the trade off between time and money?  What do you do?  Thanks for your comments!

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