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All Things Metal Clay is a blog by Elaine Luther; jeweler, artist, writer, teacher, and tool manufacturer.

Have you been to those blogs that are full of jargon and inside jokes? You read for three pages and you still can’t understand all the abbreviations. I strive to not to that here. I strive to be very clear. Each blog post should be understandable, even if it’s your first visit here.

So what will you find here? Information on metal clay and jewelry making, whether you’re just getting started or are quite expericened. You’ll find reviews of books and tools, tips and how-tos on photography, and lots on business and my cool finds on the web.

I highlight sources, cool blogs and artist websites.

Want more? You can read more about me, and the blog, at the FAQ, over on the left, in categories, and under About Us.

You can see the tools I manufacture as well as other tools that I sell, at the main site, CreativeTextureTools.

If you’re just getting started with metal clay and want to know what to do, try the category Metal Clay 101, or Links to All My Squidoo Lenses.

Want a glossary of metalsmithing terms? I have that too, it’s over at the main site under Resources.

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