The Jeweler’s Jeweler: Whose Work is Coveted by Jewelers?

Handmade Wedding Week Begins!

Ring by Tom Herman.  Copyright Tom Herman, reprinted with permission.

Ring by Tom Herman. Copyright Tom Herman, reprinted with permission.

This week we’ll look at a book on wedding crafts, handcrafted wedding rings and jewelry for the bridal party and a gorgeous hand sewn,couture wedding dress!

For wedding rings, I made a list of the jewelers whose work I think is top notch, whose work I would buy. But I wondered, are my favorites the same as other jewelers? I posed the question on Orchid, asking, “whose work do you covet?” Nearly everyone on my list was mentioned once or twice, plus addition names.

Why ask jewelers? Because we appreciate technique and admire craftsmanship and design. The jewelry a jeweler would buy for themselves — something they can’t make themselves — that means it’s really good.

Let’s begin!

Tom Herman of 7 Fingers Jewelery
Tom does more with just seven fingers than most people do with ten. His work is all hand engraved and just gorgeous. Here’s his Rings page. I first saw Tom’s work as an appraiser, years ago.

James Binnon
James’s site,, is named for his signature technique. He’s widely recognized as being masterful at the technique. Here’s a simple overview of the process: Mokume-gane is made by layering metals in different colors, laminating them in the kiln into a billet. Once cooled, the billet is sliced and then hammered to create patterns. But James’s explanation is more complete, read it here.
Amazingly, James also does patterned rings in stainless steel.

Eve Alfilé Gallery and Studio
Eve’s endless creativity and eye for selecting stones and pearls is inspiring. Visit her website and click Wedding and Engagement to see the selection.

That’s three for today! I’ll continue to post the jewelers this week, and into next, if necessary.

How about you? Whose work would you buy, if you were going to buy a wedding or engagement ring? Please post a comment, thanks!

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One comment on “The Jeweler’s Jeweler: Whose Work is Coveted by Jewelers?

  1. PoldaPop on said:

    They are all gorgeous!! I’d have a hard time choosing, but I think Eve’s work is closest to my style.


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