I used to publish recipes, or links to recipes, on holidays, as sort of a holiday-break thing. I stopped doing that, but there are some good ones here! I discovered the recipes while doing some blog housekeeping and going through every post, in every category for the entire 6+ years of the blog!

So I thought I’d publish a round up post of all the recipes, in reverse order. If it’s my recipe, I’ll link to the post below. If it’s an outside link, I’ll link directly to the other website.

Here they are, in order from most recent to oldest:

Lazy, Degenerate Brownies

Figgy Pudding by Elaine Luther

I made this for Christmas:
Figgy Pudding

Here’s a terrific cake recipe if you love chocolate and peanut butter:  Heaven and Hell Cake.  I made it as written, except I used semi-sweet chocolate for the ganache instead of the milk chocolate that the recipe calls for.


Merry Christmas Eve, and visit for the tale of the battle of the egg nogs!

Cake related:
How to Hide a T-shirt in a Cake

frozen yogurt

Frozen Yogurt:
It’s hot here in Chicagoland. To stay cool, we just made Elaine’s Coconut Milk Frozen Yogurt. You can read the recipe at

Kettle Corn:
We made it on the stove, using our heavy steel wok:

1/4 cup of vegetable oil (canola, corn, whatever)
1/2 cup popcorn
1/4 cup sugar

Heat the oil in the wok, toss in a couple of kernels to see if the oil is hot enough. If it is, pour in the rest of the popcorn and the sugar. Stir a few times, then put the lid on and shake the pan until all the popcorn is popped.

Immediately pour the popcorn into a large bowl, add salt to taste and stir to mix. If you don’t have a large bowl, you could use a paper grocery bag.

To see what happens to popcorn when you squish it in the hydraulic press, see this post.

Passover Recipes:
Here’s a link to Gluten Free Bay, where she has a terrific round up of Passover Recipes. She’s got it all covered: her own recipes, links to more, where to buy and cookbooks! Click here.

An assortment:
Angel Food Cake
Pancake Mix Review
Best Coconut Milks for Desserts

Jennifer Yu has posted a recipe for sugar plums on her blog! Your visions can come true.

Read the recipe and see more pictures here.

Here’s a recipe for chocolate dipped apricots for Hanukah Gelt.

Read the whole recipe here on this gluten free blog with lots more Hanukah recipes and mouth watering pictures.

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