Wall Sculpture in Progress Copyright Elaine Luther 2015

Wall Sculpture in Progress Copyright Elaine Luther 2015

Of course I can! Jane Hamill issued the challenge on her podcast over on her blog at Fashion Brain Academy, which I love.

She explains in the podcast how to do a quick studio tour post with three photos. I started the clock:

Start Stopwatch

Start Stopwatch

Went to the studio and took out what I’m working on right now, snapped pictures. While I was there, I thought of another idea for a post – she said that would happen – so I took additional pictures to use later.

Back to the office to upload the pictures. This is where things slowed down. I created the blog post and started to upload the pictures. My poor old computer got hung up and I had to do a restart, lost some time there.

While I waited for the computer, I wrote out both blog posts by hand.

Back to uploading, done! Pictures exported, sized for the web and then uploaded to the blog.

Uploaded all the pictures, captions, wrote the text and hit Publish!

The clock read:

Stop Stopwatch

Stop Stopwatch

That’s over at my blog at ElaineLutherArt.com.

Came over here to write a post about writing the post, that was in response to Jane’s post! (Time on the clock: 54 minutes!)

Now I’ll take a few more minutes to proofread, spellcheck and add images to this post.

To make this process even faster, I think I’ll get to work on getting the WordPress App up and running on my phone, that would eliminate the step of uploading pictures to the computer.

Here’s the link to Jane’s post and podcast over at Fashion Brain Academy so you can take up the challenge too!

What do you think? Will you use this method to blog about your jewelry making process? Please leave a comment, comments make the blog so much more fun for me, I love knowing when things are a help to you!

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