2013 Blog Year in Review!

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The blog is usually at least partly a reflection of what I’m doing artistically, and 2013 was no exception. I had an exciting year in 2013, giving a speech at Creative Chicago Expo, teaching with 20 Neighborhoods, and publishing my first book for Kindle.

Part of getting there involved making choices,cutting away the unnecessary and saying no. There are lots of posts on that theme! (That’s one of the great things about blogging, you can look back and see these patterns.)

While I usually do these blog year in reviews in chronological order, this year I’ll go by theme.

Let’s start with that series of posts about focusing, pruning, saying no, whoa, and yes to the right things!

Making Time for Art By Saying Whoa! to Everything Else

How to Tell When It’s Time to Stop Doing Something in Your Business

Related to that:

Self-Control: Software to Protect Your Time From Email, Facebook

and: “How Studio Night Saved My Marriage”/Making Time for Making Art

There are more on that theme, but maybe that’s enough for now!

In 2013, I became an even bigger fan of Alyson Stanfield, the ArtBiz Coach. Here are the posts that mention Alyson:

Alyson Stanfield Made Me Do It, or Why I Collage’d My Successes

Terrific Podcasts about Art & Art Marketing

And in the My Studio/My Jewelry category, some of my highlights of the year included:

Publishing my first book for Kindle! It was much easier than I thought it would be.

I began to share on a deeper level on the blog — while I’ll never be Luann Udell, it’s a good start:

Reflections on art making and support, “I need a wife”

Here’s a post to help you think about the story you tell with your jewelry, and the story that your customers can tell about it: What’s the Story with Your Jewelry?

My favorite blog posts aren’t always everyone else’s posts, but one the posts of the year that I am most proud of is the epic, 1000-word, meme filled post, What Are We Afraid of? (The Future of Craft), that I wrote after attending the Zoom Symposium.

(I just re-read it, wow, that’s a great post. I hope you’ll read it.)

I wrote about jewelry techniques this year too! Here are my top how-to posts of the year, about jewelry making and more.

How to Make:

Awesome Things You Can Do with the Silhouette Cameo Cutter

Why and How to Use Casting in Your Jewelry Making That will take you to a series of posts by Vickie Hallmark. I didn’t write it, but I am a big advocate of using casting for profitability.)

Susan Zeiss Publishes the Zeiss Formula for Mitsuro-hikime Wax for Lost Wax Casting I was thrilled to assist Susan in publishing her formula online.

How to Make a Color Study to Take an Inspiration from a Place and Put it in your Art
As a result of my trip to Ox-Bow.

There are links to so many more in the Free Tutorials and Videos Category.

How to Sell:

How to Get Started Selling Jewelry and What to Do


Some terrific resources on grant writing

Legal help:

Protecting Your Art Images Online


Artists Who Are Great at Blogging Their Artistic Process (and how you can be too)

I also blogged quite a bit this year about my growing interest in tech jewelry: laser cutting, 3D printing, soft circuits. I won’t link to those here, as I don’t think that’s a huge area of interest to my readers. If it is, let me know!

In another post, I’ll share the Most Influential Things I Read This Year. And as I reflect back on the year, I am super grateful for support and everything I’ve learned from being in a local support group of Makers.

That’s it!  That’s the blog year in review for 2013!  There were even more posts in the past year, but that’s a roundup of some highlights for you, I hope you enjoyed it!

Did you do a blog year in review,or craft year in review?  Share the link in the comments,thanks!

P.S.  Coming in early 2014:  the long overdue make over for this blog, including that it will be mobile-ready.

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