Wooden letters for library program

Here’s what I’m up to this month. I’m building these giant letters – 4 feet tall, that’s giant by jewelry standards, right? These are for a library program and will spell out the word EXPLORE, which is the theme for the adult summer reading program.

They’re built out of 8 foot boards that are 8″ x 1″. Usually, when I require large letters for art (I’ve been a part of an indoor You Are Beautiful Installation, I had the letter E, and I did an installation of the word LOVE for a Valentines themed gallery show), my husband builds the letters for me.

This time around, he was too busy, so I asked for help from a friend with a table saw and learned to do all the measuring and sawing myself! I did all the straight cuts, my friend did the angled cuts for me.

I’m glad to have learned a new skill, and have a new appreciation for all the work my husband does for me and to fix up the house!

Now I’m priming and painting the letters with a base coat of color, getting them ready for the patrons to paint decorations, patterns, images, whatever they want! I’ll post pictures here after the workshop.

Then the letter will be installed on the lawn of the library for the rest of the summer! So cool!

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