Basic Pedestals from

Basic Pedestals from

We all know the importance of raising the height of your jewelry display so that customers don’t have to lean over so see the jewelry.

Here’s a company that has a large selection of folding pedestals, perfect if you’re doing an indoor show where your display will be on a table that’s provided for you.

I haven’t purchased from this particular company, but I do love things that fold! (I have some folding bookshelves that I don’t need anymore, but I’m having a hard time letting them go, just because they’re so cool!)

My first outdoor booth was made out of fold-flat cardboard columns (from a company that’s no longer in business) with end caps on top and bottom. I had a nice fabric slip cover that went over the three columns and then a counter top on top of those. If I have a picture of it, it’s a 35 mm slide! I’d have to scan it for you.

What I like about the pedestals in the link is that they’re lightweight and portable, exactly what you need for a show. Here’s the link:

Have a source for a cool show item? Please share in the comments, thanks!

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